Welcome to 2023!

Hi everyone.

2023! Its been quite a while since I have written any advice on my blog. I hope to be much more regular this year, bringing you updates on what is happening with FX menopause and helping you explore your menopause management options.

As you may have noticed, we have unfortunately had to stop manufacturing our facial support and vitamin supplement. This was due to manufacturing volume limitations; We were simply not able to sell sufficient during the last few years to afford the significant cost of the manufacturing runs.

In the absence of these supplements: It is very important during menopause, as part of a balanced diet, to have a good vitamin supplement.

As many of us know it is quite common to gain weight during this period. Fruit, with its natural sugars, is excellent for weight control, it also provides high levels of important vitamins and minerals.

Fibre from vegetables is also a vital part of a balanced diet. Vegetables also provide a huge variety of nutrients that are often over looked when they are so readily available in meat, fish and dairy with their high levels of protein. Protein can also be found in grain and pulses, and both of these provide an amazing array of chemicals that are helpful during the menopause.

Herbs and spices not only give us flavour but are extremely rich in antioxidants. Nuts, seeds and oils should hold a very special and regular place in your diet as healthy fats have formidable powers.

So, now we have the diet sorted, we now need to concentrate on looking after our skin, especially with the cold harsh weather. In my last blog I detailed the structure of the skin and collagen, this time I would like to advise an a good, regular routine to keep skin looking clean, healthy and glowing.

It is important that a daily routine is followed, ensuring that at the end of everyday the skin is left clean and moisturised. I would recommend a form of cleanser, that could be a cream, oil or even water, followed by a toner in order to leave the skin toned and to help tighten the pores. This should than be followed with a moisturising cream or lotion, gently massage into the face in order to bring the oxygenated blood to the surface, then gentle taps with the finger tips all over the face and neck.

If you decide to use an eye cream, use sparingly and apply around the eye socket as the skin around the eye is very delicate. Depending on time and budget there are facial serums which can help with the texture and blemishes of the skin. Also, it is very beneficial once a week to exfoliate the skin, always use one recommended for the face as body exfoliators can be a little harsh for the facial skin.

I hope the above helps and please don’t hesitate to contact me on the help line or leave me a comment.
Keep safe and healthy.


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