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Our focus has always been one to one. If you call for help, we will do everything we can to guide you to an effective solution. That solution may not be FX menopause, but we believe it is a duty of care that we do our personal best for the person who has asked us for help.

We are fortunate in that FX menopause can work quickly. The efficacy, safety and short time it takes for most women to see improvement is a blessing for both the user and our credibility. Of course, there are always a few women whose bodies are slow to respond. For these women we hope that some of the self-help solutions found on this site will bridge the gap between when they start with FX menopause and when they begin to see the sort of improvement many other women have experienced.

If you have menopause wellbeing problems give us a call. Sometimes just talking to someone else can put you on the path to a long term solution. Our U.K. support line on 07446 721 145; our main office hours are from 8:00 - 16.30 hrs Monday to Friday, but you will often find your call is answered in the evenings and weekends until 22.00 hrs. Out of hours, do leave a message with your name and telephone number, including dialling code and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Collaboration with Dr Chris Steele

In 2003 members of the team launched a National Menopause Awareness Campaign, which was kindly supported by Dr Chris Steele MBE, this followed up on a Granada TV's Afternoon Show broadcast ( viewable below ) where Chris talked about effective phytoestrogens and how the menopause can affect the whole family, with options for treatment.


TV GP Dr Chris Steele MBE and FX Menopause. Courtesy of Granada Television.


Nature determines our sex and in doing so whether we are going to face the menopause and the life changing period that it is. Even if we don’t fit the criteria sexually, many of us are still dramatically affected by the end of ovulation. Husbands, children and workmates see the effect that flushes, lack of sleep and bouts of depression can have and for those closest to the person suffering, it can be a real torment.
Estimates put nearly 9 million of us in the position of either, suffering directly with the devastation the menopause can cause or looking on dismayed, wondering why in this day and age there is no ready solution.
Most women of 50 can tell you what a hot flush feels like. For most of the rest of us, it is usually only associated with jokes about red faced harpies. This gulf in understanding and about how to help, is half of our problem. There are solutions, in fact a number of them are simple, effective and do not need to be approached with great caution.
If you or a loved one is suffering, take five minutes to explore the options presented here. I would not guarantee that this covers every approach to menopause management but these choices should give most of you a way to bring back the well being you felt and the feeling of family that is so important to all of us.
Dr Chris Steele, MBE

A brief history

The search for an effective alternative to conventional HRT began two decades ago, with research into traditional Asian diets. The result was the first-generation supplement, then named Nutrafem.

Effective but expensive to manufacture, it was an especially useful supplement, but needed further development.
In 2008 the second-generation supplement was launched. Renamed FX menopause the improved efficacy made the supplement a great success. By 2011, with bright new colours and a refresh of the brand, FX menopause was supporting more women than ever before.

By July 2012 we were ready to launch our 3rd generation supplement; By advancing our formulation and adding important active botanicals from Green Tea, we have, we believe, the best natural alternative to HRT. An effective supplement, that can be used by women of all ages, at all stages of menopause and during the years beyond.

To learn more about our 3rd generation supplement please see FX menopause 3™.

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