"I am so pleased with this product it has changed my life, I can go to lessons without flushing and am able to go out and have a meal without flushing."

"This product is worth every penny. Thank you so much."

"I was extremely sceptical. Now I highly recommend it for any doubters."

"Ordered the starter pack 3 months ago and am massively impressed with the result!"

"I have been taking FX Menopause for about 6 weeks now, hot flushes have stopped."

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October 2022 I was at my wit's end! Just about to succumb to seeing my GP, as my menopause symptoms were horrendous! A friend recommended I tried this product, before going onto HRT. It didn't work overnight but was definitely working before the end of the month. I can't believe how well it has worked! Absolutely amazing. Nicola


FX menopause 3™ allows you to conveniently increase your intake of naturally occurring plant estrogens. These phytoestrogens, sourced from conventional Asian foods, may significantly improve your well-being before, during and after menopause.

Women who include additional phytoestrogens in their diet independently report experiencing increased menopause well-being, reduced lethargy, improved emotional well-being and sleep.

The development of Nutrition FX menopause: Our search for an effective alternative to conventional HRT began over two decades ago, with research into traditional Asian diets. Through this, a number of elements were found that effectively offset the unwelcome effects of menopause.

By advancing our formulation over the years and by adding important active botanicals from Green Tea, we have, we believe, developed the best natural alternative to HRT: FX menopause 3

For direct help with your menopause, call our U.K. support lines on 01270 747 963 or 07446 721 145 or email via our Contact us page.

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